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Investigating the possible involvement of social anxiety in adults participation in gyms

(Tsaousidis, I., Bebetsos E. , Matsouka O. , Kouli, O.) The aim of this study is to examine if the social anxiety that female and male adults feel, affects their motivation in relation to their participation in the gym. The study consisted of 139 persons (72 men and 67 women), with an average age of … Continue reading

The effect of educational theater game in volleyball skills and knowledge performance and learning of elementary PE students

(Christinides, Y., Zetou, E., Derri, V., Michalopoulou, M.) The aim of this study was to examine whether the technique of education theater game will have a positive effect on the learning of volleyball setting skills and the development of knowledge of the volleyball rules, in children of the third grade of primary school. The participants … Continue reading

Predicting strenuous, moderate, and mild exercise frequency and subjective vitality by exercise behavioral regulations among older adults

(Kapralou, A., Bebetsos, E., Vlachopoulos, S.P. , Antoniou, P.) The purpose of this study was to examine the contribution of types of exercise behavioral regulations in predicting weekly frequency of strenuous, moderate, and mild exercise and subjective vitality within self-determination theory among Greek older adults. Participants were 445 older adults participating in either individual exercise … Continue reading