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Motor assessment of preschool Roma children

Siliachli, A., Giagazoglou, P.*

Department of Physical Education & Sport Science at Serres, School of Physical Education & Sport Sciences, 62110 Agios Ioannis, Serres, Greece

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The purpose of the present study was the examination of the motor development of preschool Roma children and the detection of possible differences with preschool children of native population. The study included 124 preschool children, 62 native Greek children and 62 Roma children. The children’s motor performance was assessed using the Griffiths-II scale of motor development. The results revealed statistically significant differences in the scores of fine and gross motor development of Roma children in comparison to the scores of children of native population. The fine, as well as the gross motor development of Roma children, was inferior to that of native Greeks. The above results highlight the need of the early motor assessment of all preschool children so that possible differences among them can be evaluated. Equal opportunities should be given to all children regardless of the socio-economic status, educational level and cultural identity of the family.

Keywords: gross motor development; fine motor development; Griffiths test; skills; psychomotor.

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