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Treatment of Occupational Burnout in Health Professionals: A scoping review

Michailidou C.*, Kotiadou, C., Spyrliadou, M.
Department of Life and Health Sciences, Physiotherapy Program, University of Nicosia, 46, Makedonitissas Avenue, Nicosia, 1700, Cyprus.

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In recent decades there have been increasing reports in the international literature about the occurrence of burnout in health professionals which endangers their psychosomatic health and their quality of life. Prompt recognition of the symptoms of burnout in order to treat it in a timely manner is of the utmost importance to improve the health status of the patients, who in this case practice a health profession themselves and their personal situation may have an impact on the health of their patients. The present scoping review aims to investigate therapies for treating burnout in nurses, doctors and physiotherapists. A bibliographic search was performed in international electronic databases for the search periods 1982 – 2018 for nurses and physiotherapists and 2016 – 2018 for doctors. The studies selected were randomized controlled trials, controlled clinical trials and cohort studies. A total of 25 studies met the inclusion and exclusion criteria, of which 20 referred to nurses and 5 to doctors. Of the 25 studies found, 10 were about the therapeutic intervention of “consciousness”, while other methods of intervention were psychosocial, organizational, pharmaceutical, yoga, as well as group discussions and training interventions. The number of studies related to burnout and intervention methods was relatively satisfactory, although in some studies there was a small sample size and no homogeneity of the participating population. In the future, more randomized studies should be conducted with a larger sample representative of the specific health professions. The complete lack of studies in physiotherapists points to the need for quality studies.

Keywords: Burnout; doctors; nurses; physiotherapists, treatment, rehabilitation.

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