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Coronary Heart Disease Part I: Pathophysiology and Risk Factors

Themistocleous, I.-C1*., Stefanakis, M1., Douda, H2.

1Department of Life & Health Sciences, University of Nicosia, 46, Makedonitissas Avenue, Nicosia, 1700, Cyprus
2Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, Democritus University of Thrace, University Campus, 69100 Komotini, Greece

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Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of disability globally and despite the advances in clinical care and medicine, continue to be the principal cause of morbidity and mortality. The process of this chronic inflammatory condition is initiated early in life by various risk factors. Atherosclerosis is believed to have the main role in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases which involve large and medium sized arteries. Acute coronary events frequently arise and the priority is the re-opening of the occluded artery which will limit the progression of injury. Despite the advances in cardiac surgery, several complications may occur post-surgery. The first part of this article will review the pathophysiology and risk factors of coronary heart disease and the preoperative and postoperative pulmonary complications. The second part will describe the role of physiotherapy in the management of Coronary Heart Disease.

Keywords: Coronary heart disease; anatomy; pathophysiology; acute coronary syndromes; risk factors.

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